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I have started finally trying to get to grips with Zbrush. It has been a long time coming, I have put it off before on account of not being able to understand it’s (different) UI. I was learning Max and Maya at the time and Zbrush was too different for me. I knew Zbrush’s capabilities, but I just couldn’t get it to work for me. Not entirely sure what has come over, but since Sunday I have started trying to use it, practicing with the different brushes and generally spending a lot of time a bit perplexed. Google was often my saviour, as was the Zbrush documentation along with Youtube and various websites like Polycount.
I have only been forming some sorts of skulls in the last day so, just to practice with it – no renders or anything yet, suffice to say, the first one was not so great and the last one I did was somewhat better… so movement in the right direction.
I am going to get cracking on another skull right now and then try some other tutorial later this afternoon. I am aware that I only have just started, so I am not expecting masterpieces like you find on the top row of ZbrushCentral… hopefully one day.

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