Zbrush bust…

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So, I spent all of yesterday UV mapping some bits and pieces for the street I am working on and I finished at about 3am. This was good as it meant I could play around with some Zbrush today, something I had neglected to do much of last week. I am only just picking the software up, there is still huge amounts to learn, obviously. It took me long enough to figure out how to get a render from Zbrush, so you can imagine that progress is somewhat slow. However, any progress is better than no progress!!
I am looking forward to being able to add high definition detail to various projects. Organic modelling is probably not my forte, so using Zbrush on hard surfaced models etc shall definitely be a change from relying on Maya.
As you can see from the dodgy bust, I have a ways to go!

Bust made in Zbrush

Zbrush Bust

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