Weekend work

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Terraced row of houses

Quick weekend work

We had a guest over the weekend, so I spent most of the time cooking, chatting and socialising – something which was definitely needed as work tends to be all I do apart from look after my grandmother.
I did manage to pop this out quickly. It was only supposed to be a quick thing but I am glad I did it. The porches obviously aren’t finished and the scene needs dressing – I don’t have a suitable parts library yet to dress the scene quickly and efficiently and I am somewhat hesitant to download a few bits and pieces from Turbosquid etc, so I shall do the best I can and get as much done as quickly as possible.
Meanwhile, today, I have found a Zbrush tutorial on Youtube and I am going to see if it helps me get over my phobia of that program. It is a shame I haven’t been able to get my mind wrapped around it sooner as I know it would be a great help when doing environment and prop modelling and weathering.

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