Dining Room

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Dining Room

So, I haven’t posted in the past couple of weeks because it has been fingers to the proverbial grindstone, or in this case, keyboard and mouse. I have been doing another tutorial on archviz, this time a dining room. I had the bulk of it modelled within a week and the texturing is the thing […]

Update time

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Update time

Just an update to what is going on at the moment. My PC is up and running although in the end I didn’t bother RMAing the  Antec Kuhler H20 920 that started acting up. This past week I have been modelling the pulse rifle that I found on an old model kit I have of Motoko […]

Road bump…

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I haven’t managed to update this in a few days and I have not managed to get as much work done as I’d like. I have managed to UV map and start texturing a couple of things and continue to add to the street. I believe it is almost finished, just needs a bit more […]

Weekend work

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We had a guest over the weekend, so I spent most of the time cooking, chatting and socialising – something which was definitely needed as work tends to be all I do apart from look after my grandmother. I did manage to pop this out quickly. It was only supposed to be a quick thing […]

Land Rover has been re-panelled!

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Land Rover has been re-panelled!

After importing the model into Maya, I looked over the model again and decided that all of the panels needed splitting up into individual pieces, as when I first modelled it, I had just box modelled it and left it entirely in one piece!! Obviously, that was far from ideal, so over the weekend I […]

Moving along – seat modelling and stitching

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Today I find myself working on seats for the Land Rover. I have modelled the front two and the rear seat is essentially the same as the front passenger seat, with some verts moved around for change’s sake. I have modelled the seams for the seats, 5 section bevel close together, extrude then scale in […]


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So, I have finally decided to upgrade my website, both the style and finally start sorting out and updating the actual images in the Portfolio section.  This has been spurred on by a post I saw over at Polycount the other day. You can find the post here. I ended up forking out a bit of […]

Pretty much done

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This is almost done – colour wise. I will be rendering out at 180 degree clay type wireframe of just the house on a plain background. I will be leaving a full colour render up as well though, I am just uncertain of the background. Obviously at the moment it is out of scale and […]

Slight update…

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So, I spent a week up in London with my girlfriend and helped my mum move out of her old flat into her new house and spent last week getting back to the modelling. I wasn’t too happy with the surrounding low wall, so I brought the gate posts closer together, added a picket fence […]

Work thus far

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I thought I would upload an image of where I am at the moment, workwise. I am currently working on the displacement of the model, The map I am using at the moment is a copy of the texture map, desaturated and then I had a high pass filter run over it. I am in […]