Slight update…

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So, I spent a week up in London with my girlfriend and helped my mum move out of her old flat into her new house and spent last week getting back to the modelling. I wasn’t too happy with the surrounding low wall, so I brought the gate posts closer together, added a picket fence […]

Brain in a mushy mode today.

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I have finished all of the UV mapping and texure work – except for the dirt maps etc as I wanted to see what the house would be like without the extra stuff on it. I was going to move on to subD and displacement work today – unfortunately my brain has had a complete […]

UV Mapping

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I enjoy the modelling process, especially hard edged modelling, I have yet to venture into to much organic modelling at the moment. However, one part I consistantly dislike, is the UV Mapping part. I know it is important, but it just seems to be rather… time consuming. Avoiding it doesn’t help, it especially doesn’t help […]