New computers and nodes

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New computers and nodes

After my last post I was thinking about sending my stuff off to a render farm to get rendered and hopefully save some time, however in the end as my main computer was starting to feel a little bit lethargic, I decided to upgrade some of the parts and acquire two or three basic nodes […]

I am back

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I am back

After a couple of months of complete and utter neglect of this blog, I have decided I need to try and get back on the wagon and try and post regularly, at least once a week. In the past two months I have been working on a couple of different projects: a kitchen, an indoor […]

Remember to delete history!!

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I woke up today to get back to work on the Land Rover, fired up Maya and tried to load my project file. It said loaded but was stuck at ‘reading’ on 99%. I eventually managed to open it, but the geometry was all over the shop. Turns out I hadn’t deleted the history as […]

Moving along – seat modelling and stitching

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Today I find myself working on seats for the Land Rover. I have modelled the front two and the rear seat is essentially the same as the front passenger seat, with some verts moved around for change’s sake. I have modelled the seams for the seats, 5 section bevel close together, extrude then scale in […]

Work thus far

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I thought I would upload an image of where I am at the moment, workwise. I am currently working on the displacement of the model, The map I am using at the moment is a copy of the texture map, desaturated and then I had a high pass filter run over it. I am in […]

Brain in a mushy mode today.

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I have finished all of the UV mapping and texure work – except for the dirt maps etc as I wanted to see what the house would be like without the extra stuff on it. I was going to move on to subD and displacement work today – unfortunately my brain has had a complete […]

Hunting for textures

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I have cleaned up half of the texture sheet, including removing any shadow, occlusion, plants and wires, however I am stuck on the walls as they are considerably blurry, especially the further from the camera you move. As a result, I am searching for limestone wall textures as that is the prevalent building material where […]

Current Progress

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Current Progress

I have managed to get to where am I, a lot quicker than I did with the last house model that I did. The house has been mostly modelled, and initially projection mapped, as you can see in the images below.I have rendered out wireframes and will proceed to clean up the plates tomorrow in […]

Champion Hill – displacement update

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Just to get up to date with my postings. I have rendered out separately the Ambient Occlusion passes to composite in later and I shall be rendering out the rest today for compositing tomorrow – assuming my  computer lives. Hopefully finished by Sunday so I can get on with a new project 🙂