Slight update…

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So, I spent a week up in London with my girlfriend and helped my mum move out of her old flat into her new house and spent last week getting back to the modelling. I wasn’t too happy with the surrounding low wall, so I brought the gate posts closer together, added a picket fence […]

Hunting for textures

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I have cleaned up half of the texture sheet, including removing any shadow, occlusion, plants and wires, however I am stuck on the walls as they are considerably blurry, especially the further from the camera you move. As a result, I am searching for limestone wall textures as that is the prevalent building material where […]

On a break

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Currently taking a little break up in London visiting my family and some friends. I did bring my laptop and my Wacom, so I find myself doing a bit more texture work today. Occlusion work on the image has been completed and I am now lining up the textures to the model so that they […]