Zbrush bust…

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So, I spent all of yesterday UV mapping some bits and pieces for the street I am working on and I finished at about 3am. This was good as it meant I could play around with some Zbrush today, something I had neglected to do much of last week. I am only just picking the […]

Road bump…

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I haven’t managed to update this in a few days and I have not managed to get as much work done as I’d like. I have managed to UV map and start texturing a couple of things and continue to add to the street. I believe it is almost finished, just needs a bit more […]


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I have started finally trying to get to grips with Zbrush. It has been a long time coming, I have put it off before on account of not being able to understand it’s (different) UI. I was learning Max and Maya at the time and Zbrush was too different for me. I knew Zbrush’s capabilities, […]

Ma Deuce

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Just a quick update – again. I seem to do a lot of quick updates, I need to get into the practice of updating at least every other day or so. Anywho, I have worked on this M2 ‘ Ma Deuce’ Browning .50 calibre this past week. It is missing a couple of bolts, which […]

House on Champion Hill

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house from Jolyon Way on Vimeo. Well, as you can see it is pretty much finished. I am starting another project tomorrow, so I shall not have much more time to work on this. I may possibly revisit this at some point and do a full 1080p render, but that shall require more time than […]

Final Gather

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I am not entirely sure what happened yesterday. I thought that I would spend the day rendering out a new set of Final Gather for the house. I had changed the some of the settings, well… mainly just the density to be honest. I looked at other settings, but it was driving times up too […]

I’m back

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Last week I was doing some Final Gathering for my house and I also started blocking out a new project. One morning, Thursday I believe, I turned the computer on – or tried to. One of the hard drives was throwing a hissy fit. I removed them both and attached first one and then the […]

On a break

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Currently taking a little break up in London visiting my family and some friends. I did bring my laptop and my Wacom, so I find myself doing a bit more texture work today. Occlusion work on the image has been completed and I am now lining up the textures to the model so that they […]

A slight pause in proceedings…

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I had to go to hospital recently to get a bit of ‘good’ skin cancer removed. It has been cut out and the doctor is happy that I am in the clear, so that is good! Anyway, as a result I am slightly behind in the course that I am doing. I have finishd UV […]