Current Progress

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Current Progress

I have managed to get to where am I, a lot quicker than I did with the last house model that I did. The house has been mostly modelled, and initially projection mapped, as you can see in the images below.I have rendered out wireframes and will proceed to clean up the plates tomorrow in […]

House on Champion Hill

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house from Jolyon Way on Vimeo. Well, as you can see it is pretty much finished. I am starting another project tomorrow, so I shall not have much more time to work on this. I may possibly revisit this at some point and do a full 1080p render, but that shall require more time than […]

Champion Hill – displacement update

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Just to get up to date with my postings. I have rendered out separately the Ambient Occlusion passes to composite in later and I shall be rendering out the rest today for compositing tomorrow – assuming my  computer lives. Hopefully finished by Sunday so I can get on with a new project 🙂

Displacement issues

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So still plugging away on the project, had a couple of weeks away so fell drastically behind. Seriously hoping the next one moves slightly faster than molasses. I was just about to render out the ambient occlusion / displacement passes when I noticed an issue with the model – I had been working with an […]

Occlusion render…

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Occlusion render…

Here we go with the occlusion render so far. I am now moving into removing the occlusion from the images I have of the house, so that when projected the occlusion from the model doesn’t add to the occlusion in the images! Going pretty well, considering I haven’t touched Photoshop properly in many years… just […]

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