Pretty much done

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This is almost done – colour wise. I will be rendering out at 180 degree clay type wireframe of just the house on a plain background. I will be leaving a full colour render up as well though, I am just uncertain of the background. Obviously at the moment it is out of scale and […]

Work thus far

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I thought I would upload an image of where I am at the moment, workwise. I am currently working on the displacement of the model, The map I am using at the moment is a copy of the texture map, desaturated and then I had a high pass filter run over it. I am in […]

Brain in a mushy mode today.

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I have finished all of the UV mapping and texure work – except for the dirt maps etc as I wanted to see what the house would be like without the extra stuff on it. I was going to move on to subD and displacement work today – unfortunately my brain has had a complete […]

Champion Hill – displacement update

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Just to get up to date with my postings. I have rendered out separately the Ambient Occlusion passes to composite in later and I shall be rendering out the rest today for compositing tomorrow – assuming my  computer lives. Hopefully finished by Sunday so I can get on with a new project 🙂

Displacement issues

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So still plugging away on the project, had a couple of weeks away so fell drastically behind. Seriously hoping the next one moves slightly faster than molasses. I was just about to render out the ambient occlusion / displacement passes when I noticed an issue with the model – I had been working with an […]