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Just a very quick update… I worked on the ivy shader and have a fiddle around with a tree shader as well. I am pretty happy, although there is funkyness going on with the branch textures – I can’t seem to get the branch 100% cut out of the plane using alpha –>mia_material_x_branch.cutout_Opacity. I will keep cracking away at it and figure it out, I hope.
I have tried various things and am sure it will be the most obvious.
Anyway, I have some nice translucency going on, I finally wrote my first expression. Coding as my friends know, is something I really dislike, but I don’t think this can really be called ‘proper’ coding:

input2X =  1 / mia_material_x_Leaf.transparency  ;
input2Y =  1 / mia_material_x_Leaf.transparency  ;
input2Z =  1 / mia_material_x_Leaf.transparency  ;

Definately sure it can all be squashed onto one line, but I was happy with that for that now. This means I can change the translucency on the fly and not have to go into the multiplication node and change the values there so that when multiplied by the translucency value it hits 1.0

I would add quickly that part of the gate is missing in this image, I do have it finished and textured, but for some reason I didn’t import into the new scene when the old scene got corrupted!

newHouse5 Tree

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