Slight update…

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So, I spent a week up in London with my girlfriend and helped my mum move out of her old flat into her new house and spent last week getting back to the modelling.

I wasn’t too happy with the surrounding low wall, so I brought the gate posts closer together, added a picket fence and garden gate along with a 5 bar gate for the drive at the side of the house. I am not entirely sure if the brick part of the low wall works for me. I may have to fiddle with it a bit, or possibly do a procedural texture of some sort.

Unfortunately, this meant that I had to go back to re-adjust the UV map and go back to photoshop to work over the texture sheet again. I need to re-do the displacement map as well.

Things I need to do next:

  • Displacement map
  • Dirt map
  • Window texture
  • Procedural metal textures for hinges etc
  • Texture rooms and bake occlusion maps
  • HDRI work

However, this is where I stand right now.

Updated house model

Updated house model

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