Road bump…

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I haven’t managed to update this in a few days and I have not managed to get as much work done as I’d like. I have managed to UV map and start texturing a couple of things and continue to add to the street. I believe it is almost finished, just needs a bit more dressing to it.
Zbrush wise, I haven’t touched that in about four days, I am hoping next week doesn’t continue in the same vein as I feel like I am finally getting into it. I shall post some pictures up, once I have stopped doing awful skulls and moved onto something semi-decent. Or, I might show the skulls to show progression ( bearing in mind they don’t have teeth).

Anyway, that is about it for the work this week, my mum is over for Sunday lunch as well as my girlfriend, so I am cooking a steak and ale pie, which should hopefully be awesome!

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