Previous week’s baking exploits

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Previous week’s baking exploits

Previous week’s baking exploits

In the previous week’s baking exploits I managed to get quite a lot made. Last week was a bit hectic, but I have posted a list of everything that I baked here. I made some delicious pancakes, along with two different types of cookies, some bread and cupcakes! I will try and update this page with links to my goings on during the week.

The end of the week was rather hectic, with Friday spent helping my mum set up her stand at the LPOC show at Olympia, in London. Her website is over Old Home Interiors, and if old houses and especially restoration of said houses are your thing, you should check it out!


So, starting last week off, I decided that pancakes would be ideal. I threw some together with the remainders of the fruit from my chocolate tart and had this for breakfast. Unfortunately, they were not long for this world and swiftly disappeared – such is the life of tasty treats.


After this I moved onto making some raisin and cinnamon oat cookies. I had made them before, but hadn’t gotten around to taking some suitable pictures for. So, I cracked on and remade them and wrote up the recipe. Around about this time, I realised (finally) that I had accidentally knocked a button on my camera that had been affecting all of my photos for quite some time. Whoops! Looks like I need to remake a few recipes and update some pictures slowly!

Finally, I made some cranberry, orange walnut cookies. They didn’t turn out quite correct – I was using a bit of estimation. Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough basic cookie dough to hold the fruit, or vice versa. I will remake them and post the recipe as they definitely need to be shared!


After those, I made some banana cupcakes with chocolate frosting. The recipe I followed, said that although the recipe might seem odd – it worked. Well, the batter did not seem quite correct, but I stuck with it. The result, while it definitely tasted good, did not have the right consistency. As with a lot of recipes one finds, not all of them work out correctly. I shall revisit this, however with a different recipe for the actual cupcake. It is worth sticking with as an idea – just the ingredient ratios needs altering.


I made some bread at the beginning of Real Bread Week. I haven’t made as much recently as I would like to, but figured now is a good time to at least making a modest amount. My sourdough starters have been fed again so that I can make some sourdough for the end of the week.


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