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Just a quick post as I am still rather zonked out.

Firstly, right before I left for London, my main PC’s SSD drive failed – suffering from bad sectors I suspect. I didn’t get a chance to properly look. but that is my gut feeling. Thankfully, all of my work and settings etc are stored on another drive, so that is good, unfortunately, I am now going to have to either completely wipe my drive or purchase a new one. Either way, I have to reinstall the OS and all of my programs and rebuild the links. On the upside… I get to delete some stuff I wasn’t using. Always a silver lining 😉 However, now I don’t know exactly when I can finish the the Evermotion competition – I think the very earliest my PC will be ready with about 20 days until the due date, so we shall see.

Right, Paris was great. I caught up with some old friends who I haven’t seen in a few years. I also worked on some foot ache – tramping around Paris in bad shoes wasn’t the best idea. I took a few pictures and will endeavour to get them up ASAP.

Anyway, that is it for now – I am staying at my brother’s house for the week, so work will not be happening.


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