I have returned

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I have returned from a very nice weekend away with my girlfriend. I managed to see Bon Jovi finally, along with The Killers, Bloc Party and a variety of other bands – it was tiring but I am glad I have been. I am planning on doing some rigging tutorials this week, but I thought […]

Isle of Wight Festival

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I am off to the Isle of Wight Festival for a long weekend, so no 3d work until Tuesday! Am looking forward to finally seeing Bon Jovi… a group I have been wanting to see since I was 16! 17 years later I get the chance!!

Ma Deuce

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Just a quick update – again. I seem to do a lot of quick updates, I need to get into the practice of updating at least every other day or so. Anywho, I have worked on this M2 ‘ Ma Deuce’ Browning .50 calibre this past week. It is missing a couple of bolts, which […]


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I spent a few hours working on the shader for this plant. I am not a 100% happy with the final image as I think it is possibly slightly too glossy. This was rendered in Mental Ray and took just under half an hour on my 16Gb i7 2600k computer. Still, as it was late […]

Pretty much done

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This is almost done – colour wise. I will be rendering out at 180 degree clay type wireframe of just the house on a plain background. I will be leaving a full colour render up as well though, I am just uncertain of the background. Obviously at the moment it is out of scale and […]

Quick update

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After a relaxing 10 days away, I got back to the model. Well, actually I was spending way more time fiddling around with the tree shader. It was definately good practice and have learned quite a bit about vegetation shading. For the final piece, I think I shall use a different tree however, as it […]

10 days break

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I am away from all things Maya and Photoshop for about 10 days. I am off to Wales for the weekend for my grandmother’s 85th Birthday and then I am zipping over to Brighton to see my good lady and get some quality Karaoke done with my friends. Shall hope end up with a backlog […]

Spot of vegetation…

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Just a very quick update… I worked on the ivy shader and have a fiddle around with a tree shader as well. I am pretty happy, although there is funkyness going on with the branch textures – I can’t seem to get the branch 100% cut out of the plane using alpha –>mia_material_x_branch.cutout_Opacity. I will […]


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Came across IvyGen – http://graphics.uni-konstanz.de/~luft/ivy_generator/ today and have had a bit of a fiddle with it. I swapped out the default lambert shader that it comes with and put in a place a mia_material_x_passes shader, along with a bump map made from the leaf textures, a reverse/luminance set of nodes to pipe into the cutOut.Opacity […]

A quickie

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Mental Ray decided to die on me last night/this morning, so after a few hours of searching around I decided to see if I had any old models that could do with finishing. Lo and behold, I found three. One just needs texturing, one needs extensive work but would be a good thing to do […]