Old projects, restarted – environmental and vehicular

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Old projects, restarted – environmental and vehicular

Right, I was planning on doing this on Sunday night but it didn’t happen, and yesterday’s hot weather made my room a furnace to work in – so much so that a decent fan needs to be purchased!!

Firstly, the submarine pen images – I will need to work on the lighting, it is not my strong point so shall take quite a bit of fiddling with the settings before I am happy. It isn’t finished, but I believe I have the size right along with most of the placement.
The Desert Patrol Vehicle is only a few hours old, actually. I don’t supposed it shall be too hard – most of the time will be spent on getting the engine and drive parts looking good.
As for the Land Rover, I started that when I was at college and using 3ds Max. I found it recently and imported it to Maya. Unfortunately, it imported triangulated. I will have to look up the proper method of importing in quads. I tried the quadrangulate option on the model, but it was mostly useless. I know I was worried about how to go about modelling the leaf springs at the time, either model them curved, in a static position, or model them flat and have some kind of rig to bend them for whatever use I required. I shall be leaning toward the latter option I think now!

Land Rover Pink Panther chassis

Land Rover Chassis

Submarine pen

Looking along the dock…

Submarine Pen

Submarine pen

Looking down from the catwalks

Submarine Pen, looking down to the work area

Desert Patrol Vehicle

Desert Patrol Vehicle

Land Rover Pink Panther body

Land Rover Pink Panther

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