Not much progress

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Corner of room using 9 images

Just trying out multiple exposure HRD

I haven’t made a huge amount of headway in the last couple of days – it was so hot over the weekend I could barely stand being in the same room as the PC as it was putting out so much heat, even with the window and door open.
As a result, I didn’t really get anything done, apart from shuffling a few polygons around and trying to remember how to use Mudbox. I started practicing on the canvas cover that goes over the rifle box on each side of the land rover. I got some nice looking folds put into and the end was looking suitably tied up – then I realised I should have probably done the UVs before I started. Still, it has given me a bit of practice and I will know what to do next time!
I am off today and tomorrow for my girlfriend’s graduation ceremony, so no work at all will be done until Wednesday at the earliest.
I have started dabbling in HDRI. I took my first one yesterday of a corner of my room – the pile of clothes were clean, just hadn’t put them away. I took 9 images of varying exposure values and blended them together using Photomatix. I am very happy with the result and am looking forward to finding some suitable opportunities to take some more HDR images!!

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