New project – hard surface character modelling

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I managed to get a place on the Hard Surface Character Modelling course over at CGWorkshops –
I would definitely have no qualms about recommending their courses to anyone interested.
Anywho, so we have just hit the end of the first week. We were to pick out a suitable concept for turning into a 3d model, once that had been chose, we were to break it down into large parts, i.e. shoulder pads, thigh armour etc etc.  Then we had to find any repeating shapes throughout the concept, which are used to tie the idea together. As this course is all about hard surfaces I ended up putting a helmet on this chap as he was originally bareheaded. After that, I I had to locate the gesture or flow. I found it rather hard to begin with as it’s, unsurprisingly the surfaces are rather angular and flowing lines didn’t jump out at me straight away. A long story short, I found some in the end.
Tomorrow we start the modelling process, which is going to be a lot of fun. I can’t wait to get my teeth stuck in to it!!Powersuit concept art

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