Moving along – seat modelling and stitching

Posted by on Jul 12, 2013 in News, Works In Progress | No Comments

Today I find myself working on seats for the Land Rover. I have modelled the front two and the rear seat is essentially the same as the front passenger seat, with some verts moved around for change’s sake. I have modelled the seams for the seats, 5 section bevel close together, extrude then scale in the central edge row to create the seam.
Now I also find myself working on backpacks and a large canvas bag/box type thing that hangs over the tail gate of the Land Rover. The seams are completely different so I have to venture to Mudbox, I suspect, to use a stencil or stamp to get the desired effect.
After that, I shall continue to break up the box model into separate panels and tidy up the rather excessive amount of edge loops I find.

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