I’m back

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Last week I was doing some Final Gathering for my house and I also started blocking out a new project.

One morning, Thursday I believe, I turned the computer on – or tried to. One of the hard drives was throwing a hissy fit. I removed them both and attached first one and then the other to my spare computer, turning it on and then removing the hard drive before attaching the next one. I was fearing that my Work drive had corrupted somehow and I had now lost all my work. Thankfully, it was ‘just’ my software drive. I cracked open my laptop, ordered a new drive from Amazon and it was here the next day.

I re-installed Windows onto my SSD and then split the Users and ProgramData folders onto my new HDD. Created a couple of junction points and then it was just a case of reinstalling ALL of my programs. I did have a disk image, but it was a bit cluttered so I opted for the longer, and hopefully, more beneficial route.

Anyway, suffice to say, Maya is now working and I can finally get back to work… after I have had some lunch.

New pics will be up in a day or so.

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