I am back

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I am back

After a couple of months of complete and utter neglect of this blog, I have decided I need to try and get back on the wagon and try and post regularly, at least once a week.

In the past two months I have been working on a couple of different projects: a kitchen, an indoor swimming pool, an interior of a flat and I have just started an exterior house shot. The kitchen is finished, the swimming pool is pretty much finished – I just need to lock down two camera angles, fix a couple of textures that are too reflective and make sure the textures are correct for each angle ( different finishes in each shot), the flat is only roughed out and the house, as I said, has just been started.

I am planning on finishing the house and then sending the house, swimming pool and kitchen to a render farm to render, rather than leave my computer on for X amount of days, churning them out non-stop and also meaning I can’t get on and work on finishing the flat. ¬†Following that, I have at least three more projects lined up – which I shall be working on at the same time as looking for gainful employment. I need to spend a few days looking through some reviews and getting in touch with render farms who can help me out.


Indoor swimming pool, stone floor, painted woodwork

Indoor swimming pool

Kitchen reverse view, green marble surface, light wood cabinets

Kitchen reverse angle

Kitchen full view, green marble version with light wood cabinets

Straight view, green marble, light wood cabinets


So, that is me pretty much caught up to date. Hopefully, I shall be able to write another post at the end of this week. Oh, also, the cup of coffee at the top? I will be adding steam to it in post.

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