Free VRAY scene

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Free VRAY scene

I would just like to thank the lovely people over at Viz Park for the beautiful free scene.  I love the frozen river and the light bouncing off from it.  I am always drawn to scenes in the snow and ice, be it in films, concept art, arch-viz and even extending over to computer games.  I can’t quite put my finger on the reason, but I suspect it is around the assumption that the scene is quiet and all you can hear are the birds, and the crunch of the snow (obviously a blizzard breaks that rather idealised version of snowy scenes!)

It comes with some quality textures, including an HDRI, which has me thinking I would like to do a winter scene sometime in the future. I am, however, currently up to my neck in cooking for Christmas, as well as doing some  UV mapping of a previous model that I have done (.50 cal BMG and then the RPG launcher), along with finishing up two other scenes that really should have been finished quite some time ago.

I recently noticed that Quixel were having a sale and accidentally purchased their suite and then a few later I also noticed that Allegorithmic were having a sale, so I purchased Painter as well. As I had previously modelled a couple of hard surfaced props, I figured I would like to see how they perform – unfortunately, I had only modelled them, I stopped there, due to an immense dislike of UV mapping.  I am now overcoming that phobia as I would really like to try out the two programs – possibly with a view to importing arch-viz scenes into Unreal 4 for some real-time rendering this is a thing I would like to pick up over the coming year.



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