Final Gather

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I am not entirely sure what happened yesterday. I thought that I would spend the day rendering out a new set of Final Gather for the house. I had changed the some of the settings, well… mainly just the density to be honest. I looked at other settings, but it was driving times up too much. So I started some renders from various points around the house. They took about an hour per angle. One from the three sides, from from directly above and two from just either side of the main corners. Turns out it was about eight hours of rendering in total. I could have probably sped it up some by hanging around until each was done and then going on to the next angle straight away, but I had to cook supper and do lunch so there we go. Anyway, I saved it twice before I turned the PC off for the day.
Loaded it up today, lo and behold, none of the data had saved. I checked the autosave folder to see if I could retrieve anything from there… but apparently it hadn’t done any autosaving at all yesterday. I was perplexed to say the least. Rather irritated would be more accurate.
Anyway, I have spent all day today, re-rendering. I am hoping I will be done in the next hour or so, so that I can get something productive done.
I’ve said before and not actually followed through, but I shall get some pictures up of various projects. I have quite a few things that I did on 3D Studio Max that I didn’t get around to UV Mapping because the very idea of it gave me the heebee jeebees! Anyway, I shall post them up and hopefully get around to mapping them over the next couple of months so that I can get on and finish them finally.

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