Evermotion Future Home Design Challenge 2013

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Evermotion Future Home Design Challenge 2013

Ahoy there. I just got back from a rather laid back lunch with my father and grandmother at a rather nice pub, near to where we live. I returned home and checked the dreaded social media and that Evermotion were starting a competition entitled Future Home Design Challenge 2013. The link for that bad boy is right —-> here <—

I have decided that I am going to at least enter as many competitions as I can have time for. They will be a good learning experience and help get my awesome name out there a bit more. So I shall start mulling over possible ideas. I noticed on the requirements/suggestions something about fallout shelters and as I love the Fallout games far too much, along with various apocalyptic films and books, I am already leaning quite heavily in that direction. Updates and whatnot shall come as often as possible, but not just for the sake of updating, only really if I think I have made enough progress since the last update, I guess!!

This is me, signing off.

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