Dining Room

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Dining Room

So, I haven’t posted in the past couple of weeks because it has been fingers to the proverbial grindstone, or in this case, keyboard and mouse.
I have been doing another tutorial on archviz, this time a dining room. I had the bulk of it modelled within a week and the texturing is the thing currently keeping me busy. I am slowly understanding it better, however a lot more reading and practice is in front of me.

I started off and did all of the furniture in Maya and then moved over to 3ds Max to model the actual room and do the rendering. Unfortunately, I haven’t used Max in over a year now, and most of it is pretty rusty to say the least. I then went and imported all of the furniture into the Max scene and started texturing.

I am almost at a point where I can get to the final render then start the post production, which will be good. The only thing  that is happening at the moment is the renderings are coming out in a linear workflow and the picture posted is, well, linear. Personally, I don’t like it – even if it is correct!! I need to get my head around the linear workflow as it always flummoxes me. I am enjoying this archviz stuff, and I think in the next months I can learn a lot about it and hopefully VRay.

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