Computer Update

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Computer Update

So the house is mostly unpacked – or at least as much as it will be. We are redecorating etc at some point, so quite a lot of stuff remains in boxes until the paint has dried.

I ended up ordering  a Samsung 256GB PRO SSD drive and I also had to order a new main software drive as that drive is at least 7 years old and just happened to unfortunately die at the same time!

I reinstalled Windows 7 Professional 64Bit to the new drive, separating the User files to the Caviar Black, as normal – there was a slight issue with the activation of the key, which required me calling up Microsoft and doing a phone activation. That was all groovy.

I started reinstalling the updates, Service Pack 1, drivers and checked BIOS was up to date. Then the problem arose – they always seem to come in threes – my Antec Kuhler H20 920 decided to throw it’s toys out of the pram. Tried to install the software from the disk – ended up with the wizard stopping halfway through installation.  I downloaded the latest drivers, they didn’t help either.  I checked the forums – apparently this happens a lot. It appears that I have to take it off and reinstall the stock cooler and then reinstall the software before plugging the cooler onto the USB header and then remove the stock cooler and reinstall the Kuhler. Unfortunately, I have no idea where the stock cooler is anymore, as it hasn’t appeared from my packing yet.  I believe this problem arises from the drivers and/or software not being digitally signed.  I could be mistaken, as I have installed quite a few things without certification and never had this issue before.  If I can find the stock cooler I will take the PC apart again and reinstall it and RMA the Antec as I have only has it since March!

Thankfully I have a *spare* PC, which although slower, means I may be able to get on with a bit of work in the interim while awaiting a new unit.

That is me up to date really…

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