Completely new direction

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Completely new direction

Completely new direction

So, I am going to be heading in a completely new direction from now. I have spent the last seven years or so looking after my grandmother who has Alzheimer’s. During that time, I had to teach myself how to cook! I have started a new website as a place to test and share mostly baking recipes. Also, I have purchased another domain name for future endeavours as a name to trade under. I will keep this site on and keep it as my main site to share and inform. Any 3d work that I do will be entirely from a hobby standpoint, but I don’t expect that to start again for a while.

So, my first website that I am currently working with is Bachelor of Tarts – it has been up for around three months now. It hasn’t been up for too long, so content is slightly on the minimal side. I am currently posting two to three recipes a week currently. I would like to do more, but getting all of the pictures processed and recipes written up does take a bit of time. As I do it more, I will speed things up a bit and try and also do one YouTube video a week .

My second site is Jolly Good Baker, is actually a landing page currently. I am beginning to set it up – it is only going to be a store front, picture gallery and blog. Any recipe development that I do for it, will be over on BachelorofTarts. I am setting myself up for a lot more work, but I didn’t want to clog up JGB with random bakes that wouldn’t be for sale! To begin with, it will be a web enterprise until I know exactly where I will be hanging my hat.

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  1. Jane Way
    January 18, 2018

    Sounds good. Happy baking and may everyone eat cake! (and bread)


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