Spot of vegetation…

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Just a very quick update… I worked on the ivy shader and have a fiddle around with a tree shader as well. I am pretty happy, although there is funkyness going on with the branch textures – I can’t seem to get the branch 100% cut out of the plane using alpha –>mia_material_x_branch.cutout_Opacity. I will […]

Slight update…

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So, I spent a week up in London with my girlfriend and helped my mum move out of her old flat into her new house and spent last week getting back to the modelling. I wasn’t too happy with the surrounding low wall, so I brought the gate posts closer together, added a picket fence […]

Work thus far

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I thought I would upload an image of where I am at the moment, workwise. I am currently working on the displacement of the model, The map I am using at the moment is a copy of the texture map, desaturated and then I had a high pass filter run over it. I am in […]

An evening of fine wine and UV arranging

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Well, more of the latter and a bit less of the former- but the gist is there. Finally overcame my brief brain-fart, I do hate having mental blockages like that, I seem to end up chasing my tail for much of the time. Anywho, back on track and busy adjusting UVs and hopefully I won’t […]

Brain in a mushy mode today.

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I have finished all of the UV mapping and texure work – except for the dirt maps etc as I wanted to see what the house would be like without the extra stuff on it. I was going to move on to subD and displacement work today – unfortunately my brain has had a complete […]

Hunting for textures

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I have cleaned up half of the texture sheet, including removing any shadow, occlusion, plants and wires, however I am stuck on the walls as they are considerably blurry, especially the further from the camera you move. As a result, I am searching for limestone wall textures as that is the prevalent building material where […]

Current Progress

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Current Progress

I have managed to get to where am I, a lot quicker than I did with the last house model that I did. The house has been mostly modelled, and initially projection mapped, as you can see in the images below.I have rendered out wireframes and will proceed to clean up the plates tomorrow in […]

Another house

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I thought I would take a break and work on another house model at the same time so that my brain doesn’t get too stuck on one thing. So, the previous course there were a few different shots of different houses given out… I already have done one, I thought I would try another and […]

New project – hard surface character modelling

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I managed to get a place on the Hard Surface Character Modelling course over at CGWorkshops – I would definitely have no qualms about recommending their courses to anyone interested. Anywho, so we have just hit the end of the first week. We were to pick out a suitable concept for turning into a […]

Almost there

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Completed the final gathering, then moved onto the spotlight to add illumination. I forgot that when I was starting up the scene in the first place I was having issues with the HDR/IBL lighting. The reflection light probe was showing up some crazy reflection apart from the actual reflection cards that I had created. I […]

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