A slight pause in proceedings…

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I had to go to hospital recently to get a bit of ‘good’ skin cancer removed. It has been cut out and the doctor is happy that I am in the clear, so that is good! Anyway, as a result I am slightly behind in the course that I am doing. I have finishd UV […]

UV Mapping

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I enjoy the modelling process, especially hard edged modelling, I have yet to venture into to much organic modelling at the moment. However, one part I consistantly dislike, is the UV Mapping part. I know it is important, but it just seems to be rather… time consuming. Avoiding it doesn’t help, it especially doesn’t help […]

Really plowing on here…

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Obviously not updated this in a while… I must keep it more updated. I have quite a few pictures to put up, once I figure out the gallery system. I am however, doing an online course via CG Society. The workshop is going well at the moment and I have learnt quite a bit already. […]

Rising like a phoenix

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Not quite like a phoenix, but the gist is there. Unfortunately my old server died, so I am having to get my online presence back up. I shall shortly upload any of my old images and WIPs. Not really a huge amount more to say, really, but I hope to be updating my site more […]