Happy Christmas to you all!

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It is Christmas Day… so Happy Christmas to you all! I hope everyone has or is having a great day with their friends and families and that much food is being eaten! We ended up with an 18lb turkey, which my Mum is cooking in her Aga and will be wheeling over from her house […]

Back from fishing!

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Back from fishing!

I took a few days off and went fishing up North with my mother. Wednesday was a wash out, rained all day, or at least when we were supposed to be fishing, and didn’t catch a thing. The Thursday was much better weather and funnily enough, we didn’t catch anything then – even though there […]

Not much progress

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I haven’t made a huge amount of headway in the last couple of days – it was so hot over the weekend I could barely stand being in the same room as the PC as it was putting out so much heat, even with the window and door open. As a result, I didn’t really […]