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Came across IvyGen – http://graphics.uni-konstanz.de/~luft/ivy_generator/ today and have had a bit of a fiddle with it. I swapped out the default lambert shader that it comes with and put in a place a mia_material_x_passes shader, along with a bump map made from the leaf textures, a reverse/luminance set of nodes to pipe into the cutOut.Opacity […]

A quickie

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Mental Ray decided to die on me last night/this morning, so after a few hours of searching around I decided to see if I had any old models that could do with finishing. Lo and behold, I found three. One just needs texturing, one needs extensive work but would be a good thing to do […]

An evening of fine wine and UV arranging

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Well, more of the latter and a bit less of the former- but the gist is there. Finally overcame my brief brain-fart, I do hate having mental blockages like that, I seem to end up chasing my tail for much of the time. Anywho, back on track and busy adjusting UVs and hopefully I won’t […]

A couple of days off

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I am taking, or should I say, I have taken a couple of days away from project work. Firstly I had to strip the PC and install a new cooler and give it a thorough cleaning. Then a day trip the next day for my mother’s birthday and then the weekend full of the Six […]

Current Progress

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Current Progress

I have managed to get to where am I, a lot quicker than I did with the last house model that I did. The house has been mostly modelled, and initially projection mapped, as you can see in the images below.I have rendered out wireframes and will proceed to clean up the plates tomorrow in […]

Final Gather

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I am not entirely sure what happened yesterday. I thought that I would spend the day rendering out a new set of Final Gather for the house. I had changed the some of the settings, well… mainly just the density to be honest. I looked at other settings, but it was driving times up too […]

Work continues

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I have started work on a submarine base. I had to stop working on the house briefly as I needed a break. The lighting part is making my head hurt somewhat. Well, I should say the FG. I had to pause after rendering out the FG map. I have plugged in the IBL and am […]

I’m back

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Last week I was doing some Final Gathering for my house and I also started blocking out a new project. One morning, Thursday I believe, I turned the computer on – or tried to. One of the hard drives was throwing a hissy fit. I removed them both and attached first one and then the […]

On a break

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Currently taking a little break up in London visiting my family and some friends. I did bring my laptop and my Wacom, so I find myself doing a bit more texture work today. Occlusion work on the image has been completed and I am now lining up the textures to the model so that they […]