Not much progress

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I haven’t made a huge amount of headway in the last couple of days – it was so hot over the weekend I could barely stand being in the same room as the PC as it was putting out so much heat, even with the window and door open. As a result, I didn’t really […]

Land Rover has been re-panelled!

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Land Rover has been re-panelled!

After importing the model into Maya, I looked over the model again and decided that all of the panels needed splitting up into individual pieces, as when I first modelled it, I had just box modelled it and left it entirely in one piece!! Obviously, that was far from ideal, so over the weekend I […]

Remember to delete history!!

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I woke up today to get back to work on the Land Rover, fired up Maya and tried to load my project file. It said loaded but was stuck at ‘reading’ on 99%. I eventually managed to open it, but the geometry was all over the shop. Turns out I hadn’t deleted the history as […]

Moving along – seat modelling and stitching

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Today I find myself working on seats for the Land Rover. I have modelled the front two and the rear seat is essentially the same as the front passenger seat, with some verts moved around for change’s sake. I have modelled the seams for the seats, 5 section bevel close together, extrude then scale in […]

Old projects, restarted – environmental and vehicular

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Old projects, restarted – environmental and vehicular

Right, I was planning on doing this on Sunday night but it didn’t happen, and yesterday’s hot weather made my room a furnace to work in – so much so that a decent fan needs to be purchased!! Firstly, the submarine pen images – I will need to work on the lighting, it is not […]

Re-rendering, no rigging!!

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I am just trying to find some old models that I never got around to finishing texturing today. I have been doing some GI renders and then taking them to Keyshot to quickly texture and render. Final work is quick change of levels in Photoshop, although I went a bit crazy with the above image […]


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So, I have finally decided to upgrade my website, both the style and finally start sorting out and updating the actual images in the Portfolio section.  This has been spurred on by a post I saw over at Polycount the other day. You can find the post here. I ended up forking out a bit of […]

I have returned

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I have returned from a very nice weekend away with my girlfriend. I managed to see Bon Jovi finally, along with The Killers, Bloc Party and a variety of other bands – it was tiring but I am glad I have been. I am planning on doing some rigging tutorials this week, but I thought […]

Isle of Wight Festival

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I am off to the Isle of Wight Festival for a long weekend, so no 3d work until Tuesday! Am looking forward to finally seeing Bon Jovi… a group I have been wanting to see since I was 16! 17 years later I get the chance!!

10 days break

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I am away from all things Maya and Photoshop for about 10 days. I am off to Wales for the weekend for my grandmother’s 85th Birthday and then I am zipping over to Brighton to see my good lady and get some quality Karaoke done with my friends. Shall hope end up with a backlog […]