London, Vray workshop

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So, I hopped up to London for the VRay workshop at Escape Studios last night. I must say I was impressed with the speed of rendering – I usually use mental ray and VRay certainly seemed swifter. Possibly the settings I use are slightly over the top, but even then I suspect that with comparable […]

Update time

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Update time

Just an update to what is going on at the moment. My PC is up and running although in the end I didn’t bother RMAing the  Antec Kuhler H20 920 that started acting up. This past week I have been modelling the pulse rifle that I found on an old model kit I have of Motoko […]

Computer Update

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Computer Update

So the house is mostly unpacked – or at least as much as it will be. We are redecorating etc at some point, so quite a lot of stuff remains in boxes until the paint has dried. I ended up ordering  a Samsung 256GB PRO SSD drive and I also had to order a new […]

Paris, London and home…

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So I took a few days away to Paris with my girlfriend to meet up with some chums from America. Right before I left, my OS drive decided to develop bad sectors, so it looks like I shall be reinstalling half of my software, still I can purge the chaff. Hoping I can avoid buying […]


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Just a quick post as I am still rather zonked out. Firstly, right before I left for London, my main PC’s SSD drive failed – suffering from bad sectors I suspect. I didn’t get a chance to properly look. but that is my gut feeling. Thankfully, all of my work and settings etc are stored […]

Back from fishing!

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Back from fishing!

I took a few days off and went fishing up North with my mother. Wednesday was a wash out, rained all day, or at least when we were supposed to be fishing, and didn’t catch a thing. The Thursday was much better weather and funnily enough, we didn’t catch anything then – even though there […]

Evermotion Future Home Design Challenge 2013

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Evermotion Future Home Design Challenge 2013

Ahoy there. I just got back from a rather laid back lunch with my father and grandmother at a rather nice pub, near to where we live. I returned home and checked the dreaded social media and that Evermotion were starting a competition entitled Future Home Design Challenge 2013. The link for that bad boy […]

Zbrush bust…

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So, I spent all of yesterday UV mapping some bits and pieces for the street I am working on and I finished at about 3am. This was good as it meant I could play around with some Zbrush today, something I had neglected to do much of last week. I am only just picking the […]

Road bump…

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I haven’t managed to update this in a few days and I have not managed to get as much work done as I’d like. I have managed to UV map and start texturing a couple of things and continue to add to the street. I believe it is almost finished, just needs a bit more […]


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I have started finally trying to get to grips with Zbrush. It has been a long time coming, I have put it off before on account of not being able to understand it’s (different) UI. I was learning Max and Maya at the time and Zbrush was too different for me. I knew Zbrush’s capabilities, […]