How to paint a Blood Angel intercessor space marine

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How to paint a Blood Angel intercessor space marine

I am slowly starting to upload some content to YouTube, amongst the first videos, is how to paint a Blood Angel intercessor space marine! I do have this posted over on my GloriousBadger website, as well. That site needs improvement & work, but I have an idea of where I want that to go. For […]

Completely new direction

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Completely new direction

Completely new direction So, I am going to be heading in a completely new direction from now. I have spent the last seven years or so looking after my grandmother who has Alzheimer’s. During that time, I had to teach myself how to cook! I have started a new website as a place to test […]

I am back

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I am back

After a couple of months of complete and utter neglect of this blog, I have decided I need to try and get back on the wagon and try and post regularly, at least once a week. In the past two months I have been working on a couple of different projects: a kitchen, an indoor […]

Weekend work

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We had a guest over the weekend, so I spent most of the time cooking, chatting and socialising – something which was definitely needed as work tends to be all I do apart from look after my grandmother. I did manage to pop this out quickly. It was only supposed to be a quick thing […]

A quickie

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Mental Ray decided to die on me last night/this morning, so after a few hours of searching around I decided to see if I had any old models that could do with finishing. Lo and behold, I found three. One just needs texturing, one needs extensive work but would be a good thing to do […]

Another house

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I thought I would take a break and work on another house model at the same time so that my brain doesn’t get too stuck on one thing. So, the previous course there were a few different shots of different houses given out… I already have done one, I thought I would try another and […]

New project – hard surface character modelling

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I managed to get a place on the Hard Surface Character Modelling course over at CGWorkshops – I would definitely have no qualms about recommending their courses to anyone interested. Anywho, so we have just hit the end of the first week. We were to pick out a suitable concept for turning into a […]