Ma Deuce

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Just a quick update – again. I seem to do a lot of quick updates, I need to get into the practice of updating at least every other day or so. Anywho, I have worked on this M2 ‘ Ma Deuce’ Browning .50 calibre this past week. It is missing a couple of bolts, which […]


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I spent a few hours working on the shader for this plant. I am not a 100% happy with the final image as I think it is possibly slightly too glossy. This was rendered in Mental Ray and took just under half an hour on my 16Gb i7 2600k computer. Still, as it was late […]

House on Champion Hill

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house from Jolyon Way on Vimeo. Well, as you can see it is pretty much finished. I am starting another project tomorrow, so I shall not have much more time to work on this. I may possibly revisit this at some point and do a full 1080p render, but that shall require more time than […]