Back from fishing!

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Back from fishing!

I took a few days off and went fishing up North with my mother. Wednesday was a wash out, rained all day, or at least when we were supposed to be fishing, and didn’t catch a thing. The Thursday was much better weather and funnily enough, we didn’t catch anything then – even though there were fish rising. Still, it was excellent to get some fresh air and have some walks along the river and over the Derbyshire/Yorkshire countryside.


River Derwent downstream image

Looking down the River Derwent


Derbyshire cottage dining room

Derbyshire Dining Room

As we are moving house up to Marlborough in a couple of weeks, I have started packing up my stuff. Obviously the computer will go in last, but I am wading through the piles of junk I have accumulated over the past two years.

This weekend I am taking my girlfriend to Paris where we will me up with two of my best friends from America. I haven’t seen them in far too long and I can’t wait – the only sad thing is it is for 3 days only. However, 3 days is better than none!
Then I am staying in London for a week as the following weekend I have Eurogamer and an EVE Online event I will be attending. I didn’t see the point of coming down and going back up again. The trains in this country cost way too much and it is actually cheaper to drive. So, I shall be staying with my brother, which is excellent as I don’t get to see him enough.
After the Eurogamer thing on Sunday, I return home and we move house the next day. I am considering these next couple of weeks as my year’s ‘holiday’. I am expecting to get very little done on the computer, so it is better to clear the space in my mind and anything I can get done is a bonus.
The Evermotion competition is started, or at least I have blocked out the main room and started with the fittings. I am hoping I can get a bit more done and hopefully texture it by the time the competition finishes!

I was having a wade through my camera’s memory card in preparation for going to Paris, and I found some bracketed images of Brighton Railway Station, or least it’s roof. Here is the result of the merging process. I boosted the yellows and the blues , the latter only a small amount as they didn’t need much help.

Brighton Railway Station roof HDR

Brighton Railway Station roof


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