A quickie

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Mental Ray decided to die on me last night/this morning, so after a few hours of searching around I decided to see if I had any old models that could do with finishing.
Lo and behold, I found three. One just needs texturing, one needs extensive work but would be a good thing to do and the third needs texturing and a fair bit of work/ done it.

The first is a motorbike that I can get done pretty quickly, the second is a submarine base from World War 2 era… the third the Pink Panther. Probably not the one you are thinking of though. Here she is:Pinky Frame and running gear

Obviously unfinished… the seats need work, the steering wheel, pedals and dash need work, plus a variety of other things plus texturing. However, that along with the sub base will be the final two things to go into a portfolio of sorts – hopefully by the end of the summer.

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